Classes for Youth and Teens

Youth & Teens: The teenage years are some of the most important years for our youth's future. The smallest influences can make the difference between future success or hardship. Having a stable foundation is key to staying on track when time inevitably get tough. Our youth and teen classes provide that base through many avenues.

Positive and encouraging environment: When students are at our school, they know it is a non-judgement zone. It is a place where they can work hard, being around other likeminded positive people, all striving to something bigger than themselves. The curriculum is designed to bring out each student’s best abilities and work to improve the areas they struggle in. You do not compete to be better than your class mate, you compete to be your personal best.

Confidence: Nearly everyone can benefit from being more confident. Confidence will keep you from being targeted by bullies and being as susceptible to peer pressure. Martial Art is one of the absolutely best ways to build confidence. By outwardly showing respect to other you being to respect yourself. When you respect yourself, you will do what is best rather then what is cool.

Opportunities: Martial Arts gives our youth and teens many opportunities to work with the community. Many of our teenage students begin assisting in beginner classes once they've earned at least the Black Brown Belt. The responsibility of teaching is very rewarding and builds confidence as well as social skills. Skills such as public speaking, group management, and leadership that are incredibly helpful once they enter the work force.

College: One of the happiest and saddest days for our instructors is seeing one of our students, who started with us when they were just a kid, now black belt and moving off to college. Although we are sad to see them go we are excited and proud to see them taking the next big step in their life. Being able to put on a college resume that you have a Kuk Sool Won Black Belt, shows any college you are dedicated and hardworking and will be an asset to their school just as you have been to ours.