Elite Clubs

Ready to take your training to the next level? The Black Belt Club and Masters Club is where to do it!

Black Belt Club

The BBC is designed for students who are commited to earning their Black Belts. During special classes each month BBC members will learn the basics of the Sword, Staff, and Jool Bong along with other Black Belt Level material. You must be at least Yellow Belt to join the BBC.

-BBC Patch

-Blue attendance card

-Extra Weapons Classes each month

-Attend Make-up class anytime

-10% off most merchandise

-Special evening classes for adults

-Priority option for space restricted events

More about the BBC Program

The Black Belt Club

The Black Belt Club is a program for students who have made the mental commitment to earn their Black Belt. As such, we begin teaching Black Belt level material in special BBC classes offered one to two times per month. In the BBC class, students will focus on the fundamentals on three of Kuk Sool's most important weapons. These weapons form the base for all future weapons. You will learn the Staff (Joong Bong) the Sword (Guhm), and the chained staff (Jool Bong). The BBC program gives students a huge head start and once Black Belt is achieved they can immediately start learning the Traditional Weapons forms, sparring, and various application skills. Traditional weapons training is an excellent way to build strenght, flixiblity, corrdination, and most importanly mental focus.
Starting something new is always exciting and nearly every white belt would be interested in joining this program; however, we want to make sure BBC members have the commitemnt necessary to achieve black belt, this is the reason you must be at least a yellow belt to join this elite program. If you are serious about earning your Black Belt, the BBC program is the place for you! See the office for enrollment detials and how you can try a BBC class to see what it is all about.


Masters Club

The Masters Club program is a highly exclusive program. Members will learn material that few students in the country will have a chance to learn. Traditional Korean Archery, Knife Throwing, and advanced Sword Cutting are just a part of the Masters Club.

-Masters Club Patch

-Gold attendance card

-Extra Weapons Classes each month

-Attend Make-up class anytime

-15% off most merchandise

-Special evening classes for adults

-1st Priority option for space restricted events

More about the Masters Club

Masters Club Program

The Masters Club Program is our most exclusive program. This program is for adults red belt and higher. Teenagers 16+ and Dahn Bo Nim rank may also join with Master Harmon's apporval. Members will learn Traditional Korean Archery, Kuk Sool Knife Throwing, advacned Sword Techniques, and much more! The Masters Club has a special class once each month for group training. These classes are taught exclusively by Master Barry Harmon or Master David Aue. Members will refine their advanced weapon skills and other special training technqiues such as bottle breaking, advanced sparring, and more.
Masters Club Members will have frequent access to our Monday and Wednesday 8:30pm class. See calendar for nights listed as MC for attendance eligiability. Members will have first open to register for special events that have space restrictions such as workshops, seminars, special classes. Masters Club members will be given a Gold attendance card as well as a Masters Club patch which can be worn on the bottom right side of the uniform jacket. Members will also recieve 15% off most merchandise we sell.
Speak with Master Aue or Mrs. Donna for more information.


Straight A Club

We want our students to excel in their academics as well as their martial art. The Straight A program is designed to highlight those that make the extra effort! To be a member simply make all A's on your report card, simple as that! Being a member of the club has its perks!

How it works: Each grading cycle, bring us a copy of your report card. It must have a numeric grade (usually 90+) that represents an A. Attend that same month's promotion & award ceremony. At the event we will announce your excellent work and present you with $5 Kuk Sool Bucks which can used to purchase nearly any equipment, books, or other items we sell.